New Jersey Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floor installation is one heavy task that only professionals like us can handle. We serve all our clients with integrity and excellence in both customer service and craftsmanship. Having superior flooring brought by proper floor installation can make any house look attractive and stylish, that is why we devote ourselves in delivering superb floor installations in New Jersey.

Install brand-new hardwood floors. New Jersey Hardwood Flooring Install whether they are parquet, strips, or traditional tongue-in-groove planks, this investment will add value to your business for years to come. New Jersey Hardwood Flooring has worked hard to exceed clients’ expectations in the installation process.

square How Does New Jersey Hardwood Flooring New Hardwood Floors?

flooring installation After you have selected the wood grade, decided on a color, and
chosen a pattern, Fort New Jersey Hardwood Flooring will create a project estimate outlining the scope of work and timeframe for completion.

Before installing your new wood floor, we would like to have the new wood boards stored inside your business for several days to acclimate
to any moisture in the environment. At this time, we will also
prepare the room by removing furniture, rugs and curtains;
carefully removing baseboards; taping protective plastic on doorways
and windows to keep dust to a minimum.

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring Installation of new hardwood floors can include the following:

  • Removal of existing wooden floors
  • Applying adhesive to tongue-in-groove boards
  • Fastening plank floor boards to the sub-floor, and then sanding, staining and finishing the floor
  • Filling in low spots in or repairing the sub-floor
  • Laying parquet floor patterns to best fit the room, especially in rooms that are not perfectly square
  • Testing for moisture in the sub-floor
  • Using pre-finished wood flooring to decrease the timeframe and minimize dust and fumes
  • Laying an underlayment (a fibrous material upon which the new hardwood lays)

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring will custom-design the installation based on the type of flooring you select, and then work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.